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WISR offers the following, personalized and affordable State-licensed Degree Programs  

as well as affordable, self-paced Courses to Complete Requirements for State MFT and LPCC Licenses

In order to focus on our graduate programs, which have always been our main emphasis, we have discontinued our BS program in Community Leadership and Justice, as of February 2021 (all BS students enrolled in the past five years have completed their degrees!)

WISR has highly qualified faculty, is well-respected by mainstream academics, is sought out to provide expert assistance to community groups, and an impeccable record as a responsible, State licensed school since 1977.
  • WISR’s faculty have impeccable qualifications, and have distinguished themselves in traditional academia, as well as in their community involvements and in their experience in and commitment to personalized mentoring and instruction. Read more at:  https://www.wisr.edu/faculty-and-staff/faculty-profiles/
  • WISR is respected by people who are recognized as accomplished academics in major, mainstream institutions of higher learning, Also, they appreciate and understand WISR’s value in adding a very distinctive, and much needed, option among the degree offerings available in the State of California. Access to testimonial letters and references are available upon request.
  • WISR has a strong institutional track record of using our academic expertise in action-research to contribute to the community—especially in collaborating with communities of color and disenfranchised populations. Read more . . .
  • No student complaints or violations of State regulations in our 45+ year history. WISR has been State-licensed since 1977, and maintains a very distinctive, and much needed, option among the degree offerings available in the State of California.


Let WISR help you build bridges to what you want to do next in your life!

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Send an email with your contact information to: mail@wisr.edu  and/or

To set up a phone conference or a face to face meeting, contact WISR’s President John Bilorusky:  johnb@wisr.edu

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For 45+ years, WISR has provided our students with a fulfilling educational journey. Our graduates have made outstanding contributions in their professions and to their communities. Our faculty, students and alumni are culturally and ethnically diverse and our emphasis on social justice provides a strong foundation for positive, careers in the real world.
  • Throughout our history, every WISR alum who has pursued the MFT license has been successfully licensed. Furthermore, our alumni are extremely diverse, culturally and ethnically. Read more . .
  • Many of our students build on their previous academic work at accredited institutions to get a more advanced degree at WISR and to further develop their knowledge and careers. All of our students benefit greatly from WISR’s personalized learning approach which enables them to pursue more intensely their passions and commitments, and to serve creatively in positions of community and professional leadership. Read more . . . 
  • Many of our students pursue degrees at WISR, not only for personal or career advancement, but to better contribute to communities, or professions, in need.  • Our graduates bring innovative ideas to nonprofit agencies, schools, colleges, and communities, and often to their writing and to their self-employed careers.  Read more . . .
  • Some of our students come from outside California, and with purposes similar to our instate students.  Read more . . .


*For the current monthly seminar, events and announcements flyer online: click here.–You are most welcome to attend a WISR seminar or event to learn more about us!

Listen to KQED Interview with WISR Doctoral Student, Jake Sloan:

Interview with former WISR doctoral student, Jake Sloan, on KQED Forum, with Michael Krasny, May 29, 2018:  https://www.kqed.org/forum/2010101865458/how-the-mare-island-21ers-fought-for-the-rights-of-black-shipyard-workers     “In ‘Standing Tall,’ author Jake Sloan tells the story of the Mare Island “21ers,” who were African-American construction workers at Vallejo’s Mare Island Naval Shipyard in the 1960s. Facing insidious and chronic discrimination, a handful of the workers protested and filed a complaint with the federal government for mistreatment, despite fears of retribution. Their actions led to slow but systemic change, which benefited black workers in the construction industry and beyond. Sloan worked at Mare Island at the time and described himself as a young “foot soldier” in the 21ers movement.”  Guest:  Jake Sloan, author, Standing Tall: Willie Long and the Mare Island Original 21ers; owner, Davillier-Sloan Construction Company.  Jake’s book, Standing Tall, was published by WISR Press.