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To a large extent, WISR’s history is indeed the stories of our students successfully building bridges to the significant things they next want to do in their lives. Our alumni have used their academic projects at WISR to network with professionals and community groups, to create new programs and even new agencies, to carve out distinctive and well-recognized specializations and consulting practices, to obtain professional positions that carry significant and meaningful responsibilities, and to do significant volunteer work in their communities that have a valuable impact. In sum, our alumni have generally been very, very satisfied with how well they have been able to use the combination of their WISR learning and their WISR State licensed degree to accomplish their goals, and indeed, to do more than they even aimed to do when they first enrolled at WISR. 

For now, WISR continues to build on our 45 year-plus history of showing how learning can take center stage, and to show that many WISR students use relevant, high quality learning. Our students find that they can design and pursue learning activities, and earn a State licensed degree from WISR–in order to build bridges for themselves–-to pursue quite successfully the next significant life-endeavors and challenges they have chosen and planned for themselves.