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We just completed a survey of all students enrolled in a recent, previous two year period—with over a 50% response rate—students filled out and anonymously returned a questionnaire, and a confidential interview was conducted by a WISR graduate student with 26 of those 49 responding by questionnaire.  Subsequently, a WISR graduate student conducted interviews with 15 of the 26 who returned questionnaires. Every student said they would recommend WISR to friend based on their own experiences at WISR, and 17 of the 26 said they were highly satisfied, with their experiences at WISR exceeding their expectations. “Students also emphasized the value of doing more research, deeper reflection and producing more work than required for specific goals–more than they would have in another program–as valuable qualities in WISR’s program. By focusing on interests that are personally important to the students, faculty help students to produce impactful projects and volumes of work. According to one student, their dissertation was about six times the required length because ‘WISR inspired me to do so.’” (p. 13). Those interested may read the entire report of the results of this in-depth survey of recent WISR students at: https://www.wisr.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/WISR_Student_Survey_Jan_2016_final.pdf