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  • In the 1980s, Cynthia Lawrence (who had a Master’s in Education from Pepperdine) pursued her doctorate at WISR with the active encouragement and support of the head of the Teacher Education Program at the University of California at San Diego. Cynthia was a full-time faculty member in that program, and used her WISR studies to further her expertise in multicultural and learner-centered education. After completing her WISR doctorate, she served full-time on the faculty at UCSD for another 10 years or so, until her early retirement, after which she continued to serve on WISR’s faculty.
  • Jim Todd was offered a full-time tenure track faculty position in Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State upon completion of his WISR doctorate, and he later went on to serve as Chair of the Business Department at the historic, Black college, Morris Brown, in Atlanta, until his death.
  • Larry Berkelhammer was a licensed MFT who pursued his doctorate at WISR to take a somewhat new professional direction—educating and supporting people with chronic or life-threatening medical conditions. During his Doctoral WISR studies, he thoroughly researched the scientific literature and developed evidence-based strategies involving mindfulness practices to be used by patients in conjunction with their medical treatments. He has a developed successful consulting practice, has published a book which has a 5-star rating on Amazon, and offers workshops and classes throughout the community ( http://www.inyourownhands.com/in-your-own-hands/ ).
  • Mary Kay Sweeney used her doctoral studies at WISR as part of what has since become a decades-long career in leadership positions in various non-profit agencies in Marin County.
  • Steve Thompson completed his Bachelor’s degree at WISR, and his studies have contributed to his various in communities in the Sierra foothills. His senior thesis was an assessment of services available to, and needed by, elders living in Calaveras County, especially the more remote areas. He went on to work as a social worker at Calaveras County Child Protective Services.
Dr. Lawrence has always evoked the "scholar-activist" that resides in all committed, dedicated learners

Dr. Lawrence has always evoked the “scholar-activist” that resides in all committed, dedicated learners