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Historically, all of WISR’s degree programs have graduated a significant percentage of people of color—and with regard to the MFT program, of our most recent 10 graduates, two are African American, one is Asian American, and one is Mexican American. Our diversity is further evidenced in that two of our recent European American MFT alumni are members of the LGBT community. This is quite important, because, statewide, people of color compromise less than 10 percent of the licensed MFTs. Two examples . . . Ronald Mah received his Master’s at WISR in 1991. He has been in private practice as an MFT for over 20 years.  He teaches part-time in California community colleges, provides consultation to community and professional groups on parenting and early childhood development. He has served two terms as a member of the Board of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT); he is a prolific writer and presenter at professional conferences on parenting, couples therapy, and cross-cultural counseling. He completed his doctoral degree at WISR in 2013 and serves on WISR’s faculty. Monika Scott-Davis is one of our more recent MFT alumni.  She is a licensed MFT, and works as a psychiatric social worker at the Center for Elders’ Independence in Oakland.  She teaches part-time in Gerontology at San Francisco State, and as part of her doctoral studies at WISR, she is actively involved in researching and addressing the problems facing foster youth when they become emancipated and age out of the system.  Monika is African American. Some of our students are using their studies in WISR’s academic degree programs to embark on new careers. In Monika’s case, she was a lab technician in the biotech industry when she first began her MFT Master’s program at WISR.