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Transcript Services (page 2)

Once the wording and details of the transcript are approved by WISR’s President, they will receive from WISR, an electronic file of the template to be used in producing the transcript.  The student will enter the title of each course/project, the description of each, the dates during which they worked on that course/project, and the semester units assigned to that course by WISR faculty.  They will include additional information as needed, such as the composition of their Graduation Review Board, and their primary areas of specialization.  In developing each student’s transcript, the student, core faculty and the WISR President draw on official documents in the student’s learning portfolio, especially the Course Syllabi produced by students when they  finish a project/course and the Project Evaluation Forms filled out by faculty to assign credit to each course/project upon its completion.

Students help in the production of their transcript just before receiving their degree.  However, those students who withdraw before completing a degree, including students intending on taking only one or two courses (e.g., to fulfill MFT or LPCC requirements), should make arrangements to work on the production of a transcript at the time of withdrawal.