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About WISR Press

WISR Press is one vehicle by which WISR makes the fruits of the learning and knowledge-building pursued by WISR learners—students, alumni and faculty—available to the larger public. WISR Press also entertains submissions for publication from others whose purposes, concerns and scholarly rigor resonate with WISR’s.

WISR believes that everyone, regardless of their previous academic training or current professional certification, has the capacity to be a builder of useful and meaningful knowledge. WISR seeks to promote and disseminate scholarship–especially scholarship concerned with educational innovation, community improvement, professional enhancement and constructive, progressive social change. WISR Press is one way of doing this.

WISR Press has also been created as a resource for the WISR learning community—to promote WISR and the members of WISR’s learning community–through the publication of quality research and writing, through print books and e-books, alike. In organizing an effective, and labor-efficient, infrastructure at WISR, we aim to enable students, alumni, faculty and friends of WISR to publish and disseminate their writings to others outside of WISR. The results may lead to improved visibility, credibility and successful change efforts by WISR and our learning community members. We will make use of such self-publishing groups as CreateSpace and SmashWords, developing “WISR Press” as a nontraditional, community-based university press for the 21st century.

Hot Off the Press!!

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The Second Publication of WISR Press is: Standing Tall: Willie Long and the Mare Island Original 21ers, by Jake Sloan, WISR Press and the African American Development Institute, second edition, 2017.  This has been published as a print book by BookBaby and is available either through Amazon.com or by contacting Jake Sloan at WISR.  For more information, about the book and Jake Sloan, click here

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The first publication of WISR Press is Multiculturalism–also the inaugural issue of The Journal of the Western Institute for Social Research. This has been published as a print book and an e-book using the services of BookBaby. It is now available–at online sellers in both print and e-book formats; for example, at

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, Sony, Kob0, eBookPie, iBookstore, Copia, through Ingram, Gardners and Baker and Taylor, through subscription services such as ScribD and Oyster, and also for academic institutions and libraries through EBSCO.

There are several copies in WISR’s library. The print book is selling for $14.99 and the ebook for $2.99. WISR’s royalties will be a bit over $3 for each print book sold and $2 or so for each ebook sold. More significantly, we hope that the book will bring greater visibility to WISR and to the serious action and inquiry pursued by the authors in particular, and by our students, alumni and faculty, in general.

More information about Multiculturalism, and you can PURCHASE THE E-BOOK HERE (!) FOR ONLY $2.99–and for information about the articles and authors of this inaugural publication of WISR Press


Forthcoming Books

Pre-publication information: A Kaleidoscope of Readings on Transformation and Social Change . . . Annotated Bibliographies from Activist Scholarship at WISR, written by:

The late Sandra Tomlin, PhD

Dennis Hastings, PhD

Margery Coffey, PhD

Zak Kondo, PhD

William Heineke, EdD, PhD

David Yamada, JD, PhD

Larry Berkelhammer, PhD

Osahon Eigbike, PhD

Che Kum Clement, PhD

Steven Fletcher, PhD

Ronald Mah, PhD Candidate

Michael Ratner, PhD Candidate

Shawna Sodersten, JD, MA, MFT

Suzanne Quijano, MA

Lydell Willis, MA

Alex Martinez, MA

Editor: John Bilorusky, PhD



Minutes of Initial WISR Press Planning Meeting