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Participatory Action-Research

Readings on Action-Research Methods, the “WISR Way”

Here, we highlight and briefly discuss readings that may be useful to promote thought and action that is informed, critically-minded and creative.  These readings are likely of interest both to WISR learners, and others interested in learning about action-research “the WISR way.”

Note: These articles have been written by WISR faculty over the past 30+ years, and they include general perspectives as well as specific tips on how we all can do meaningful action-inquiry and then do writing about our action-research endeavors, in order to better share our knowledge with others. These abstracts are meant as overviews and guides to the accompanying articles, not as substitutes for reading the articles in the entirety. Links are provided so that you may read and use each article in its entirety.

One strongly recommended and key overview article of WISR’s perspective on research—its main emphases and qualities, how we developed our perspective, as well as ways that it differs from conventional research in the social sciences, while still being quite similar to the best, cutting-edge research in the “hard” natural sciences–is the article,

“Participatory Action-Research, Inclusiveness, and Empowering Community Action at the Western Institute for Social Research”

https://www.wisr.edu/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Participatory-Action-Research-Inclusiveness-and-Empowering-Action-at-WISR-1.pdf  written by long-time WISR core faculty, John Bilorusky, the late Terry Lunsford, and Cynthia Lawrence.

This article appeared in Democracy Works: Joining Theory to Action to Foster Global Social Change, edited by Torry Dickinson and Terrie Clark, with Summer B.C. Lewis, Boulder: CO: Paradigm Publishers, 2008. It appears on this website for use by WISR learners and others wishing to learn about WISR’s approach to action-research by special agreement with and appreciation to Paradigm Publishers.

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