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WISR’s 5th Annual Conference, Feb 2014

Report on WISR’s 5th Annual Conference

Over 50 people–WISR students, faculty, alumni, Board members and friends from the community–participated in WISR’s 5th Annual Conference. Most sessions had 20 to 25 participants. Below, there are links to the conference program, which provide brief highlights and descriptions of the topics discussed. Also, the photos on this page were taken at the conference, and we plan to soon make available a few videos of some various segments of the conference proceedings.

Front: WISR faculty members, Dr. Ronald Mah and Dr. Torry Dickinson. Back: WISR PhD students, Chris Peck and Keith Lawrence

WISR alumnus, Dr. Osahon Eigbike leads the group during a break for singing and percussion

WISR Alumni panel, Vera Labat, Osahon Eigbike, Suzanne Quijano and Lydell Willis

WISR faculty members, Dr. Crystallee Crain (left) and Dr. Torry Dickinson (right) ; WISR PhD student, Roger Mason (back)

WISR Faculty Member, Dr. Rich Douglas (right), and WISR alumnus, Dr. Osahon Eigbike (left)

WISR Board Member, Dr. John Bear (left) and WISR President, Dr. John Bilorusky (right)

WISR PhD student and MFT alumnus, Monika Scott-Davis, and WISR PhD alumnus, John Borst, during break for signing and percussion

WISR President, Dr. John Bilorusky (left) and WISR MFT alumnus, Lydell Willis (right)

view from above, during break for snacks, singing and percussion

WISR 2014 Conference Schedule
Abbreviated Conference Schedule