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Audio Files

MFT Seminars

Hello WISR MFT students and others interested in MFT seminars,

Audio recordings (in mp4 format) are now available for many of our recent seminars. We will make strong efforts to make all future MFT seminars available (at least for a few months at a time, depending on the size of the files), as well. And, our seminars and events may often be made available.

These files are stored on the Google Drive of a specially created account for that purpose. To access the Google Drive with these audio (and once in a while video as well) files, go to the following e-mail account through gmail account.

User name: courseaudiovideo@wisr.edu

To obtain the password for this gmail account, please contact WISR President, John Bilorusky at: johnb@wisr.edu

The following seminars are so far available, and more will be added over time:

1) 2015/11/7 Ronald Mah’s MFT seminar on Psychopathology and Diagnostic Principles—two segments [that is, two separate files], part one and part two. (This seminar was the second of a two part series , focusing on learning differences, Aspergers, and giftedness.)

2) 2015/10/24 Shawna Sodersten’s MFT seminar on Attachment Theory (the second of a two part series)

3) 2015/9/26 Shawna Sodersten’s MFT seminar on Attachment Theory (the first of a two part series)

4) 2015/8/29 Brian Gerrard’s MFT seminar on Psychological Type—Myer-Briggs (MBTI)

5) 2015/6/6 Ronald Mah’s MFT seminar on Professional Ethics and Law (the second of a two part series).

Interviews with WISR students, alumni and faculty: “Extraordinary Stories of Progressive Social Change in Everyday Life.”

WISR President and Faculty Member, John Bilorusky conducted interviews for a pilot radio series for the internet-based radio network, World Talk Radio, and the audio files of these interviews will soon be available below. . .

The guests for this show aren’t usually in the headlines of newspapers–at least not on the front pages–but they are doing important and significant work, and their stories can provide not only inspiration, but direction and ideas to others. At the same time, their efforts are also often “unassuming” and even “unnoticed,” because they’ve found ways to make a difference by catalyzing changes that encourage and allow people to participate with them while still going about their “everyday lives.”

Interview with WISR PhD student, David Yamada, Professor of Law, Suffolk University Law School, Boston-August 25, 2007-On David Yamada’s efforts to address the many facets and nuances of the growing problem of workplace bullying.

Interview with WISR faculty Member, Dr. Cynthia Lawrence and former WISR faculty member, Dr. Torry Dickinson, currently Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Kansas State University-September 18, 2007-on their years’ of insights on learner-centered strategies of adult education and social change.

Interview with WISR PhD alumnus, Dr. Richard Allen-September 25, 2007-on his experiences for the past 15 years, since retiring at age 60, in demonstrating the power of listening to and telling stories . . . in contributing to adult literacy and in helping elders to review their lives.

Interview with WISR PhD student Agnes Morton-October 2, 2007-a retired public health professional from San Francisco, who has returned to her home community of Overtown in Miami . . . to join the struggle for justice and social change in this predominantly low-income, African American community that is on the threshold of gentrification and that has been written off by local politicians.

Interview with WISR PhD alumnus, Dr. Uwe Blesching-October 9, 2007-on the series of books that have grown out of his dissertation at WISR on the “Quest for Comprehensive Health: Uncommon Knowledge from the Four Corners of the World: A Global Guide to Managing your Health and Medical Needs in an Age of Rising Costs and Declining Services. . . These books are aimed at helping people to discover safe, low-cost, less invasive, effective, sustainable, and self-empowering healthcare-no matter where you live or how much money you make. His first book in the series is on The Healing Spirit