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This page is under further development. It will soon link to several active blogs written by members of the WISR Learning Community. Over time, we expect that more blogs will be added. Students, faculty, and alumni are encouraged to develop blogs, as a way to promote dialogue on the topics with which the WISR learning community has been involved, for over 40 years: adult and higher learning, multiculturalism, social justice and equality, environmental sustainability, participatory action-research, community leadership and professional leadership in psychology, education, public policy, and human services.

Trauma and the Human Condition

Blog by WISR alumna and traumatologist, Dr. Anngwyn St. Just (to go to Anngwyn’s blog, click on “Trauma and the Human Condition” above)

WISR Doctoral and Masters’ alumna, Anngwyn St. Just is a systemically oriented social traumatologist who holds advanced degrees from WISR and the University of California at Berkeley. She is also a cultural historian, trauma specialist and somatic educator who specializes in developing multi-modal, cross cultural methods for trauma education and recovery. Her master’s and doctoral theses written during her years at WISR evolved into a first book Relative Balance in an Unstable World : A Search for New Models for Trauma Education and Recovery. 

Anngwyn says this about her blog: I hope that you will find this perspective useful in both your personal and professional lives and that you will continue to visit as new information emerges. While I understand that systemic approaches to understanding and resolving trauma are not everyday topics, the fact remains that this is a subject of great importance to all of us who are human and also social beings. Some of my posts will offer an introduction and overview of my perspective on individual, family, social and global trauma, as well as an explanation of what is meant by “systemically oriented trauma work.” Since I travel and work internationally, there many opportunities to work in vastly different cultural settings. This has added much richness and depth to my understanding of the human condition and many of the challenges facing us during these trying times of rapid environmental and social change.


Minding the Workplace

This highly acclaimed blog is by WISR Doctoral alumnus, David Yamada, who currently is also Vice-Chair of WISR’s Board.  

Below is David’s introductory statement about his blog and himself.

Welcome to Minding the Workplace, the blog of the New Workplace Institute.  This blog, hosted and written by David Yamada, is dedicated to news and commentary about work and employment relations.  Dignity at work, workplace bullying, employment & labor law, and psychologically healthy work environments are recurring themes.

Blog Host

David Yamada is a tenured Professor of Law and Director of the New Workplace Institute at Suffolk University Law School in Boston.  David is an internationally recognized authority on workplace bullying, and he is author of model anti-bullying legislation — dubbed the Healthy Workplace Bill — that has become the template for law reform efforts across the country. He also is a leading subject matter expert on the legal implications of unpaid internships.  In addition to teaching at Suffolk, he holds numerous leadership positions in non-profit and policy advocacy organizations.

David’s full bio on the Suffolk website may be accessed here.

David’s c.v. may be accessed here.

David’s scholarly articles may be accessed, free of charge, here.

David’s e-mail is dyamada@suffolk.edu.


Although this blog discusses legal topics at times, it does so for informational purposes only and should not be construed as providing legal advice.  Those seeking legal advice should consult the Need Help page of this blog. David regrets that he is not in a position to provide individual coaching and legal advice on specific workplace situations.