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WISR – Western Institute for Social Research

2930 Shattuck Ave., Suite 300

Berkeley, CA 94705

Phone: 510.655.2830

Email: mail@wisr.edu

If you call, and no one answers, and would like to ask questions about WISR and discuss how well WISR’s programs might serve your purposes and interests, please leave a message and suggest several times when we might be able to reach you by phone–for an initial, brief conversation, and in order to schedule a longer session, either to meet in person or to talk at greater length by phone.  Or, first send us an e-mail, to ask us questions, and/or to set up  a time to talk by phone, or to come in for an in-person conversation with WISR’s President or one of the core faculty.   For prospective students living outside the US, we encourage some initial e-mail correspondence, followed by a scheduled phone conversation with WISR’s President or a member of the core faculty.

[WISR strongly discourages unsolicited contacts from businesses that are promoting their service and products.  As a small organization, with a very strong support network, we arrange for needed services and products without responding to solicitations.  If you must contact us, please write a personalized e-mail indicating that you have carefully explored our website, and explaining why you think your particular service or product would be affordable and of interest to WISR given our distinctive mission and  learning methods.]