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Friday, November 19, 6-8pm

Ignacio Ochoa, WISR Doctoral Student, will present on environmental activist Berta Cáceres, “an Indigenous Lenca woman of Honduras who waged a grassroots campaign that successfully pressured the world’s largest dam builder to pull out of the Agua Zarca Dam.” 

We will have a report from Jose Artiga of The SHARE Foundation who has recently visited Honduras. The SHARE Foundation is committed to support and accompany the people of El Salvador and Honduras in their struggle for social justice and sustainable development.

Francisco Herrerra will sing Berta by Rev. Silvia Brandon-Pérez.

Dr. Sudia Paloma McCaleb of CEGL and WISR Faculty, will present a children’s book on Berta.

Berta grew up during the violence that swept through Central America in the 1980s. Her mother, a midwife and social activist, took in and cared for refugees from El Salvador, teaching her young children the value of standing up for disenfranchised people.

Cáceres grew up to become a student activist and in 1993, she co founded the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH) to address the growing threats posed to Lenca communities by illegal logging, fight for their territorial rights and improve their livelihoods. For more information including also this quote and Berta Cáceres picture above, read more here.


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Please call 510/655-2830 or email johnb@wisr.edu and provide a phone# with questions or in case of technical difficulties.

Cosponsored by the Ecumenical Peace Institute of Northern California http://www.epicalc.org/

WISR’s statement of expectations for inclusive and respectful discourse and a disclosure about video recording of seminars and events for later access can be found at:  https://www.wisr.edu/academics/sample-page/seminars-and-campus-events/ .  Those participating in WISR seminars and events acknowledge that they have read and understand this statement.

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Saturday, September 18th, 10am to 12:00pm
Mark Wilson, WISR’s Learning Experience Designer\Technologian 

Google has simplified Workspace for Education: Mark Wilson will demonstrate Google’s new look and participants can try new Workspace features and bring their questions about using online technology for learning at WISR.

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Call (510)655-2830 or email mark.wilson@wisr.edu or johnb@wisr.edu with questions or for help with technical difficulties. 

September-October, 2021

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Thursday through Sunday, August 5-8, 9am-12pm, PST

MFT & Interdisciplinary Seminar

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WISR Faculty Drs. Brian Gerrard and Sudia Paloma McCaleb with Toni Nemia, MFT, are among the presenters.

The Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling is an international association of practitioners and scholars who meet yearly at Brasenose College, Oxford, England (and other locations) to discuss best practices in school-based family counseling (SBFC).

The WISR community is welcome to attend any of the seminar presentations. The early morning times are to accommodate presenters in different time zones around the world. 

Zoom Link:


Annual Program co-sponsored by the Center for Child & Family Development, Western Institute for Social Research

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