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Student Records

WISR keeps all those student records on file, as required by the State of California, and this means that transcripts are permanently kept of student credit earned, and that all other records are kept for five years. State of California visiting teams are permitted to access these files to review WISR’s educational programs.

Students are permitted to review the contents of their own files–

  • their admissions (application) file,
  • their financial file (including for example, enrollment agreements),
  • their transcript file (previous transcripts and WISR transcripts once produced), and
  • their academic file (that is, their learning portfolio and their working portfolio, including the papers they have written, the course syllabi they have submitted, faculty evaluations of their projects/courses, and rough drafts and other supporting documents and media pertaining to their academic work and studies at WISR).

WISR students are encouraged, but not required, to consider their academic work as a contribution to public inquiry. However, student work is not available to the public without the student’s permission:

Neither other WISR students, alumni, nor the general public are permitted to view any portion of a student’s (or alum’s) learning portfolio, without the student’s permission.  This includes the papers, syllabi, trancripts and multimedia academic products submitted as part of their academic work at WISR.  Faculty, Board, and Advisory Committee members are permitted to view student work as are visiting teams sent to WISR by State or accreditation agencies.  Nevertheless, students are strongly encouraged to make as much of their work available to others, as they feel comfortable in doing–this includes in their portfolio, on WISR’s website, and/or larger publication. WISR faculty actively assist students in disseminating and publishing their work.

WISR will answer inquiries about a student’s degrees attained and coursework completed, only if the student has authorized WISR to do so. WISR will not answer such inquiries for those students who owe WISR money (except for those students who are repaying deferred tuition and who are up to date in making those payments). WISR will make transcripts available to students even if they are behind in tuition payments, or owe WISR money, as per State of California regulation. The fee for each official transcript is $25. See Transcript Services for more details.