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So, what do WISR students find to be the Most Valuable Benefit of pursuing a WISR degree, in terms of their Future Lives?

To a large extent, WISR’s history is indeed the stories of our students successfully building bridges to the significant things they next want to do in their lives. Our alumni have used their academic projects at WISR to network with professionals and community groups, to create new programs and even new agencies, to carve out distinctive and well-recognized specializations and consulting practices, and to obtain professional positions that carry significant and meaningful responsibilities. In sum, our alumni have generally been very, very satisfied with how well they have been able to use the combination of their WISR learning and their WISR State licensed degree to accomplish their goals, and indeed, to do more than they even aimed to do when they first enrolled at WISR.

It should be added that some of our alumni have professional goals that do not involve plans for further or continued employment–this is especially true of alumni who are in their retirement, or near retirement years, who want to further develop their professional knowledge and skills to help others and to make a positive difference in the world.

40th Anniversary w-out 2015

Why have WISR alumni usually been so successful in their careers?

Over the years, WISR students and alumni have generally been very successful in finding high-level professional positions. Our students and alumni have only infrequently encountered difficulties in using their degrees for employment, and for obtaining grants and consulting contracts. Partly, this is because we help prospective students to carefully weigh the pros and cons of learning at WISR and reflect on their plans for how they are likely to use the WISR unaccredited, State-licensed degree after graduation. Also,over the years, WISR has attracted a large number of remarkably motivated, talented and committed people. And, generally they believe that WISR has enhanced their lives and futures in important ways.

At WISR, like at most colleges and universities, students use the attainment of an academic degree to give them added credibility in the pursuit of career advancement. In most academic programs, a student first gets a degree, and then uses that degree to qualify for a particular type of job. At WISR, by contrast, students are assisted and encouraged to pursue career objectives while they are enrolled, and to use their projects at WISR as part of this pursuit.

Indeed, WISR faculty make conscious and concerted efforts to help WISR students to design learning activities—action projects, writings and research—which will build bridges to each student’s desired career path and objectives. For this reason, many WISR alumni believe that it was very significant that WISR gave them the academic, social and emotional support, and impetus, to develop and embark on their own self-defined, and oftentimes, very distinctive, career paths, while they were still in the midst of their studies at WISR. They have often commented on the value they place on the personalized assistance they received from WISR faculty, to not limit their visions by the definitions of existing jobs, and to enable them to construct their studies at WISR in ways that were both visionary and realistic in pursuing the next steps of a personally meaningful life path.