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Seminars and Events

Seminars and Events–concurrently on site and by internet video/audio conference

All classroom instruction is held both online and on site at our location at: 2930 Shattuck Ave., Suite 300, Berkeley, CA 94705.

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As a small institution for working adults, WISR does not offer a wide range of events, and we do not have a “campus” but rather a spacious storefront, with the largest room accommodating close to 50 participants. There are several opportunities each month for students from all of our degree programs to come together by audio/video conference and on site at WISR’s storefront seminar/office space–to learn together, to share and discuss learning experiences, and to socialize with one another. WISR seminars are always small enough to allow ample opportunities for everyone to participate actively in the discussions.

Important Information and Disclosures about WISR Seminars and Events

For those who are new to WISR, here are some important things to know about WISR seminars and events.

  • All WISR seminars and events are accessible online through the use of Zoom, and they are also concurrently held on site at WISR’s facility in Berkeley, CA, which is on unceded, traditional Ohlone territory.
  • At WISR, we intend to create a learning environment that is safe, and supportive of mutually respectful dialogue and collaboration, and curiosity and openness in learning. [see WISR’s Statement of Non-Discrimination and Affirmation of Diversity Values: https://www.wisr.edu/wisr-statement-of-affirmation-of-diversity-values/ ]
  • At WISR, we welcome people from all walks of life and of many, varied values and political beliefs, who share WISR’s commitment to affirmation of diversity values (see statement below).
  • At the beginning of each seminar, we give each participant a minute to introduce themselves, and if they wish, to share a bit about themselves. Those wishing to inform others of the personal pronoun they wish to have used for themselves, are encouraged to do so, when introducing themselves.
  • All WISR seminars and events are recorded, and photos and brief video clips of WISR seminars may be posted on WISR’s website. In addition, the entire video of each seminar is accessible to WISR students, faculty and staff through WISR’s online courses. By participating in a WISR seminar or other event, you are giving WISR permission to use photos or videos of your participation in these seminars and events. However, if you have strong concerns about a particular portion of the seminar in which you made comments, you may, within 24 hours, request that we remove that portion of your comments.

DISCLOSURE ABOUT RECORDING EVENTS AT WISR, AND WISR’s USE OF THE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS OF WISR’s PUBLIC EVENTS as part of WISR’s development of content for our online learning courses, and for purposes of providing photos and content for our website: Although photos, brief video clips, and information about the sessions will be shared publicly, the videos of sessions will only be made available to the WISR learning community, through our private Google Education Drive. By participating in this public, WISR-sponsored event, you acknowledge that you are giving your consent to our using any photos of you on our public website and/or other promotional materials, and the video recording of the sessions for our learning community only through WISR’s Google Education Drive for our online courses. However, if there is a particular portion of a seminar that will make you feel uncomfortable and or that puts your privacy in jeopardy, as an exception to the rule, we will delete a requested portion of a session, if you notify us in writing or by email within 24 hours of the end of that seminar. In addition, recording of brief portions from the Annual Conference sessions, and other public seminars and events held by WISR, may be posted publicly to a larger audience on our website. By participating in these public events, you agree to our sharing photos, video and audio of those events.

Seminars at WISR

Students have the option of participating in seminars in real time, with students and faculty on site, or by use of phone or computer/internet, making use of WISR’s real-time conference service.

In April 2015, we began using an integrated video and audio web conference system at WISR, so that students, and faculty, from afar may participate in online, live real-time video conferences during most WISR seminars and events.  We are using Zoom’s services. Zoom can be accessed by landline phone (audio only), cell phone or computer. However, students are strongly advised to use their computer for optimal viewing and use of their webcam. This immediately has given us the capacity to upgrade the current WISR learner services delivery system and expand the individual and community educational experience to include the following benefits and functionality:

    1. Web conferencing to better facilitate face to face classes and collaboration, even with some of our students and faculty residing at a distance from WISR.  With the addition of the media center WISR is now able provide access to learner-centered, face to face collaboration and dialogue, even with those of our students and faculty living in other parts of California, the US and occasionally around the world.
    2. Upgrade facility capacity for the delivery of live media-based events, community think tank meetings and enhance live class presentation.

All WISR seminars and official events are announced by email and on WISR’s website, along with log in information on how to participate by use of Zoom.


Currently the following series of seminars are available on a monthly basis–with additional seminars offered from time to time:

  • two, Saturday seminars, especially designed for MFT students, but open to all.
  • one, often two, interdisciplinary seminar addressing WISR’s core meta-competencies, and providing students with opportunities to discuss and receive feed-back on their studies and projects that are in progress.
  • A monthly seminar on the uses of technology in learning and in professional and community leadership
  • Oftentimes, additional seminars, showing documentary films, holding writing workshops, and other special events of interests to students, alumni, faculty and the larger community.

Faculty encourage and facilitate student efforts to create regular, as well as special, one-time, seminars and study groups on topics of interest to them.

Video and Audio Files of Some Seminars Available Online

Videos and audio recordings (in mp4 format) are now available for many of our recent MFT seminars–in the Google Drive accessible to all WISR students and faculty.

WISR Alumni panel, Vera Labat, Osahon Eigbike, Suzanne Quijano and Lydell Willis

WISR Alumni panel, Vera Labat, Osahon Eigbike, Suzanne Quijano and Lydell Willis

Major Semi-Annual or Annual WISR Events

Every Spring, there is an All School Gathering with participation by many WISR students and faculty, as well as by some Board members, alumni and friends of WISR. This Saturday event lasts four hours and is a very enjoyable time for socializing and for sharing experiences and ideas.

Once a year, usually in the late summer or Fall, WISR students come together from all over the U.S., and even from other countries to participate in our three-day annual conference of student presentations, discussions and socializing. Participation in this event is optional, but those students who travel to attend, even from other countries, have always enjoyed immensely their experiences at our annual conferences. The sessions of the annual conference are also available by phone and video conference.

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