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This section of WISR’s website communicates many important details about WISR’s academic programs

Faculty, students, alumni and Board members at WISR take learning very seriously–it is important to all of us at WISR that each person be engaged in learning activities that are meaningful to them, and that ideally, make at least modest contributions to others and the larger society.  “Academics” is partly about the formal procedures–how credits are awarded and the requirements for earning a degree.  More importantly, “academics” at WISR is about people learning–as individuals, with others, and with some concerns about the well-being of our society and our world . .  . concerns about the present and also the future. 

In designing our formal academic procedures, we have been mindful of how best to aid student learning–to have academic procedures at WISR that will aid students in discovering and pursuing their learning passions and their commitments.

 So, what is special about education at WISR? Read More . . .