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Of all WISR’s many strengths, our greatest strength is the quality of the people who make up the WISR multicultural learning community. We have always been fortunate to have attracted a rather remarkable group of students, faculty, Board, and community partners. The people who choose to become involved at WISR are enormously creative and dedicated in their professional work and/or community involvements. They are also strongly committed to improving their communities, to contributing to the quality of life for others, and concerned with matters of social justice. Beyond this they are strongly motivated and eager to learn more, and quite significantly, they are down-to-earth, open and very willing to engage in productive and respectful dialogue and collaboration with others. Please take some time to learn more about some of the people who have made WISR what it is today. We invite you to join with us in learning and in trying to create a better world.

Profiles of some of our students and alumni will be forthcoming later in 2019.


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