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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Evelin Lindner, PhDs, MD, and Linda Hartling, PhD, WISR Faculty

MFT & Interdisciplinary Seminar 

We are in an era where more and more people live in “echo chambers,” in “bubbles,” and the “walls” of these bubbles get ever thicker, harder, and less permeable. As these walls harden, as the confrontation between “us” and “them” becomes less forgiving, cycles of tit-for-tat humiliation are set in motion that become ever more intense and dangerous. Moreover, the “Hitlers” of this world grasp this situation as an opportunity to sow even more hatred and instigate even more conflict. 

This seminar will examine the cycles of humiliation and systemic humiliation that have risen to new levels in our time. Clashes of civilisations are harmless compared with clashes of humiliation, because humiliation closes doors for cooperation that otherwise would stay open. In the absence of visionary leadership of the calibre of a Nelson Mandela, cycles of humiliation have the power to turn our relationships, our communities, and the global village into war zones.

Humanity faces enormous global threats — from the destruction of our ecospheres to the degradation of our sociospheres — and we must learn to cooperate locally and globally if we want to address these challenges. For meaningful cooperation to emerge and succeed, there is nothing more important than halting and preventing cycles of humiliation and systemic humiliation.

Join us in this seminar to deepen and broaden your understanding of one the greatest obstacles to cultivating mutually dignifying collaboration in the world today. Dr. Evelin Lindner will introduce her research on the roots of humiliation through a video presentation that will be followed by an opportunity to share experiences and engage in dialogue. We invite participants to join us in curiosity and reflective conversation to build ideas to strengthen constructive action in our work and in the world.

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