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Go Fund Me for WISR

WISR Accreditation Fund ~

For the past several years, many among you have helped us to move WISR toward national accreditation. Although significant work remains to be done, feedback from the accrediting agency indicates that we are making tangible progress. The realization of that goal is approximately a year to 18 months off, and as we move forward, the accreditation application fees will be significant, including at least $40,000 over the next nine months.

Donations of any amount are appreciated, but do give what you can–remember very few institutions of higher learning offer high quality and personalized education for only $8,400/year, and do so for those students committed to making a difference in their communities, and aiming to support multiculturalism, inclusiveness and social justice.

For more information about WISR, read our Fact Sheet, here:

WISR’s Go Fund Me page