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Recent WISR Seminar on Racist Policing and Video Access

RACIST POLICING: A PANEL DISCUSSION was held Saturday, June 27th.
Organized by Rosa Reinikainen, MFT, WISR Adjunct Faculty. Panelists included WISR Alum Sevgi Fernandez, Cofounder/President of Together We Stand. Racist policing has a long history in the United States.  From slave patrols to Jim Crow Laws and in present time with what Michelle Alexander calls “the New Jim Crow” there has been a long lineage of violence, harassment, harm and killing of Black and Brown people. Recent killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have spurred a call to action. These killings add to the long list of African American people who have been killed by police officers.  We cannot sit back and stay blinded to these injustices.  There are currently protests and demonstrations of different forms happening around the country as well as in other countries.  The time for change has come.  This seminar, which had 36 participants–WISR students, faculty, Board, alumni, and guests from the wider community, was a panel discussion on the subject of Racist Policing and how we can create change.  Therapists and Educators have a particular responsibility to address and dismantle racism.  Racist Policing along with systemic forms of racism is particularly traumatic for black people.  As therapists and educators, we have a duty to help change and dismantle the traumatic, humiliating systems and create space for dignity for all. Panelists discussed their work, world and lived experience related to this subject.

The video of this seminar is available at:     https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zyG6-To4vCz_iy1ptuH1FYQAUq3cDkCR/view?usp=sharing                                             First, the three dozen participants introduced themselves, and then at 45 minutes and 30 seconds into the video (45:30) the panel presentations and following discussion begin. The entire video is two hours and 16 minutes.