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Seminars and Campus Events

Since September 22, 2013, all classroom instruction has been held in our new location at: 2930 Shattuck Ave., Suite 300, Berkeley, CA 94705.

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As a small institution for working adults, WISR does not offer a wide range of “campus” events. Still, there are several opportunities each month for students from all of our degree programs to come together at WISR’s storefront seminar/office space–to learn together, to share and discuss learning experiences, and to socialize with one another. WISR seminars are always small enough to allow ample opportunities for everyone to participate actively in the discussions.

Seminars at WISR

In addition, students admitted after September 1, 2016,  must participate in one seminar sessions per month—for a minimum of 24 months (or 24 seminars) for Doctoral students, for a minimum of 12 months (or 12 seminars) for MS in Education and Community Leadership Students, and a minimum of 12 seminars for BS students entering with 60 or more semester units, and a minimum of 18  seminars for other BS students.  MFT students must participate in a total of 48 seminar sessions during their studies at WISR, including during at least one per month while they are doing their practicum. Students, other than MFT students, who have a hardship in participating in the required seminars per month because of career and family scheduling conflicts must negotiate with faculty other, substantive ways that they are collaborating with other WISR students each month, in place of some (but not all) of the required seminars. They will need to document these other collaborations and reflectively write about the impact of any alternative/substitute collaborations.

Students have the option of participating in seminar in real time, with students and faculty on site, by use of phone or computer/internet, making use of WISR’s real-time conference service.

Students living in the greater Bay Area are expected, if at all possible, to attend most of the twice per year All School Gatherings and Annual Conferences, so that they may come to know other WISR students and become acquainted with their backgrounds and research interests. Students living outside the area should negotiate with their faculty advisers the periods and timing of their residencies at WISR, including at least one visit per year.

Currently the following series of seminars are typically available on a monthly basis–with additional seminars offered from time to time:

  • two, four-hour, Saturday seminars, especially designed for MFT students, but open to all.
  • one, two-hour, interdisciplinary seminar addressing WISR’s core meta-competencies, and providing students with opportunities to discuss and receive feed-back on their studies and projects that are in progress.
  • one film and seminar as part of our series on “Film and Social Change”
  • a two-hour Saturday writing workshop

Faculty encourage and facilitate student efforts to create regular, as well as special, one-time, seminars on topics of interest to them.

view of WISR social event from the mezzanine

view of WISR social event from the mezzanine

Other Events at WISR

WISR’s Continuing Education offerings are also currently listed on Facebook pages:WISR Continuing-Education and WISR Clinical-Anthropology.

Also, typically, every month or two, there are one or two community events held at WISR and co-sponsored by WISR with another community group, for educational purposes–examples include collaborations with Zero Net Energy, MoveOn.org and local filmmakers concerned with social and environmental issues.

Break for some music at the Annual Conference--doctoral student Andrea Turner, faculty member, Cynthia Lawrence, and alumnus, Osahon Eigbike

Break for some music at the Annual Conference–doctoral student Andrea Turner, faculty member, Cynthia Lawrence, and alumnus, Osahon Eigbike

Major Semi-Annual or Annual WISR Events

About every six months there is an All School Gathering attended by many WISR students and faculty, as well as by some Board members, alumni and friends of WISR. This Saturday event lasts four hours and is a very enjoyable time for socializing and for sharing experiences and ideas.

Once a year, usually in the late summer, WISR students come together from all over the U.S., and even from other countries to participate in our two- to three-day annual conference of student presentations, discussions and socializing. Participation in this event is optional, but those students who travel to attend, even from other countries, have always enjoyed immensely their experiences at our annual conferences.