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Admissions Interview

Each applicant must discuss her or his background and objectives with a core faculty member, usually WISR’s President. This meeting is not so much an “admissions interview” as it is an exploration, together, of how well WISR’s distinctive approach to learning and our specific State-licensed degree offerings, will meet the prospective student’s needs and enable him or her to have a strong likelihood of using a WISR program in the meaningful and successful pursuit of his or her short- and long-term goals. Prospective students are urged to have a face-to-face meeting at WISR; however, if it is more convenient, or if the student is living at a distance, two or more indepth phone conversations often suffice. An hour long conversation is scheduled so that the prospective student will not feel rushed, and indeed, students are welcome, and even encouraged, to have more than one conversation with WISR’s President.

The purpose of the conversation is not to “grade” or “rate” the prospective student, but to help each person to make a very informed decision about whether or not to enroll. Over 40+ years’ we have learned that by helping prospective students to make informed decisions, well over 90% of those who do enroll seem to feel very good about having enrolled, and only exceedingly small numbers who enroll are disappointed with their learning and with their subsequent success in using their WISR degrees.

In order to think about some key issues that any prospective student should contemplate, please read the section on: Learning About WISR.