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Resource People

There are a number of expert professionals and community leaders who are friends of WISR, and who oftentimes are able to meet with students to provide advice and guidance that supplements the assistance that students receive from WISR faculty.  Below, we list a few of these people–some of them have been faculty at WISR in previous years, but are too busy to be currently involved as faculty, but they still wish to be involved with WISR and WISR students from time to time. These members of our wide learning community are open to consulting with WISR students on a case-by-case basis, depending on their available time and the extent to which they share interests with the inquiring student, and their assessment of whether or not they can be helpful. These resource people do not evaluate student learning and achievement of academic standards in the pursuit of their coursework at WISR, nor do they have primary responsibility for providing instruction to students in any of the coursework.

MARCIA CAMPOS. MA in Sociology, FLACSO—The Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, Mexico, D.F.; MA in Psychology, University of Chile, School of Psychology, Santiago, Chile. Also PhD studies at Universidad Nacional Autonoma d Mexico. Marcia is a member of the Board of Directors, Developmental Disabilities Council of Alameda County, and Advisor for Latin American Affairs, Mayors for Peace, Hiroshima. She was recently the Coordinator for Disabilities, California-Mexico Health Initiative, University of California, Berkeley. In March 2015, she served on a panel at the United Nations’ Non-Proliferation Treaty Ratification Conference, and she continues to be involved in the anti-nuclear organization, Western States Legal, which is affiliated with the United Nations. She is active at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley. For three years in the 1980s she was a tenured professor in the National School of Anthropology and History, Mexico City, MX. She was Co-Producer (with WISR PhD alumnus, Uwe Blesching) of the film, Viva Chile M…!, A Tribute to the life and Works of Fernando Alegría, former UC Berkeley Academic, Stanford Emeritus Professor, Poet and Literary Critic, who was also one of WISR’s Founding Board members. The documentary was presented at numerous film festivals such as San Francisco Latino Film Festival, New York International Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Sydney Latin American Film Festival, Havana International Film Festival, Dallas Vista Film Festival, Harvard Archives Boston Film Festival, and Valparaiso, Chile, Film Festival, among others. Her interests and areas of expertise include: Strategic planning, social justice, poverty alleviation, multicultural competence, system development, disability rights, elder care, administration and training, building collaborative teams, community organization, media, public speaking, policy analysis and implementation. octav@aol.com

JENNIFER GUEDIRI. MA in International Administration and Human Services, School for International Training Graduate Institute, Vermont; BA in Social Anthropology and TESOL, Long Island University Global College, New York. Ms Guediri uses her broad international background and experience as a creative educator to incorporate art into community learning projects and cross-cultural adjustment programs. She has researched behavior, educational processes, and interpersonal communication in the US, the European Community, the Middle East, North Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. Her illustrations and writings on the identity of women in society have been showcased in airports, book stores, community and educational centers. She has developed curricula for newcomers, refugees, and for children who learn differently. Ms. Guediri works as a vocational consultant specializing in training and rehabilitation, and is the author-illustrator of the Bea and the Magic Brooch children’s book series. jguediri@gmail.com

RICHARD LAWRENCE, Faculty Emeritus. Richard graduated from Albion College in Michigan with a BA and secondary teaching certificate in English, German and social studies. He has a Master of Divinity Degree in social ethics from the University of Chicago and completed the post-graduate Program for Management Development at the Harvard Business School. He is a retired Methodist clergyman whose ministry is committed to social justice. He organized and serves as co-chair of the San Diego Affordable Housing Coalition. The Affordable Housing Coalition is an active member of ACCORD (A Community Coalition for Responsible Development). He is also currently an adjunct faculty member at the Springfield College San Diego Campus. Richard has contributed leadership to dozens of community organizations including several in San Diego: Southeastern Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), the Center on Policy Initiatives, Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, and others including Chair of Negotiations for Operation Breadbasket (PUSH) – Chicago, the Englewood Action Committee – Chicago, Cummins Engine Foundation Minority Community Development Program – Chicago, Greater Lawrence (MA) Community Foundation, the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO – NYC), the Chicago and National Black United Funds. Richard was a founder and charter member of the Association of Black Foundation Executives, and he recently was named a Civic Ventures Purpose Prize Fellow. He was active in the civil rights movement and participated in the Selma to Montgomery March as well as marches for open housing with Dr. King in Chicago. ralawrence@cox.net

DEBORAH PRUITT. BA in Anthropology, University of Maryland, 1985. MA in Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley, 1986. PhD in Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley, 1993. Deborah applies her anthropological perspective to helping community benefit organizations achieve extraordinary impact with greater success and personal fulfillment. To this end, she founded Group Alchemy™ Consulting in 1996. Through more than 20 years of cross-cultural research and consulting with hundreds of nonprofit, education, and community organizations she has developed a model of the distinct patterns of behavior that characterize highly successful groups that she calls the Group Alchemy Formula. This holistic model guides groups through the proven strategies that unify diverse talents and perspectives around a shared vision and develop a sustainable culture of success. This approach to group effectiveness is presented in her forthcoming book, Group Alchemy: The Six Essential Elements of Powerful Groups. Her website: www.groupalchemy.net In addition to consulting, facilitation and workshops in Group Alchemy, Deborah teaches courses in introductory anthropology and religion at the local community college. She has served on the faculty at WISR since 1998. Deborah’s research areas include organizational culture, social inequality, gender, tourism, social change, and social interaction. Her publications include articles on the cultural impact of tourism in Jamaica, women and family law in Jamaica, teaching introductory anthropology–relevance and accessibility, ethics and cultural pluralism. Deborah served on WISR’s core faculty for many years, and for the time being, has scaled back her involvement due to other pressing commitments, but will continue to do occasional work with students.dpruitt@groupalchemy.net

DAVID YAMADA. BA, Valparaiso University, Indiana, MA, Empire State College, JD, New York University, PhD, WISR, 2010. David is a tenuredProfessor of Law at Suffolk University in Boston. He is concerned with the role of intellectual activism in contributing to social change. He is the most recent past Chair of the Board of Americans for Democratic Action. As part of his years’ of involvement in addressing the growing problem of workplace bullying, he recently founded the New Workplace Institute–a multidisciplinary, non-profit research and education center devoted to the creation of healthy, productive, and socially responsible workplaces. [from its website:] “The New Workplace Institute will serve as a vehicle for engaging in research and public education on important issues related to work and employment.” David has written numerous published articles on labor law and social policy and is a frequent presenter at professional conferences. More detailed information about David, and has academic and professional accomplishments can be found on the Suffolk University website. David has two blogs: one on workplace bullying, Minding the Workplace and one, with Chris Wagner, on “Second Thoughts: The Blog of the John Ohliger Institute for Social Inquiry.” The latter blog gets its inspiration from the late John Ohliger who “was a public intellectual, adult educator, community activist, and lifelong learner who blended an insatiable curiosity, a stubborn independence, a keen mind and good heart, and a passion for creating a better world. To many of us, he was also a friend, partner, mentor, collaborator, gadfly, and inspiration.” david_yamada@yahoo.com

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