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Readings in Support of Faculty Development

At WISR, faculty meet monthly to discuss institutional development efforts, and to discuss ways to further develop and refine WISR’s curriculum and the faculty practice of the learner-centered methods that are central to WISR’s mission.  To support continued faculty development–through reading, reflection and dialogue, WISR faculty receive monthly recommendations of readings that may contribute to their instructional roles at WISR.  WISR faculty member, Michael McAvoy has major responsibility to lead and coordinate this effort, and below are files with the recommended readings that he has circulated in recent years.  

Readings: October 2014

Readings: November 2014

Readings: December 2014

Readings: January 2015

Readings: February 2015

Readings:  March 2015

Readings: April 2015

Readings: May 2015

Readings:  July 2015

Readings:  December 2015

Readings:  February 2016