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Adjunct Faculty


ELAINE BEALE.  Elaine Beale photo
Elaine Beale is an award-winning writer who has taught writing for more than 15 years. She has a BA in History and Sociology from the University of London, studied education at the Institute of Education, University of London, and has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British  Columbia. Elaine has published two novels and numerous nonfiction  articles and stories, and is an experienced editor and manuscript consultant.   Periodically, Elaine offers writing workshops for WISR students–to help them with to become engaged, skilled and productive writers.


ROBERT BLACKBURN is also Board member Emeritus.  He earned his PhD in Leadership in Higher Education, at the Union Graduate School (1984), the MA in Intergroup Relations, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (1964), and his AB, in Sociology and Education from Oberlin College (1957). He went to High School in Roslyn, New York and at the Texas Military Institute, San Antonio. Bob’s work history has included civil rights, school improvement and citizen action, regional director for the Peace Corps in Somalia, central office leadership in the Philadelphia public schools, Deputy and Superintendent for the Oakland Public Schools, Professor and Chair, and Department of Educational Leadership and Administration, Cal State East Bay. He has held Board memberships in various professional and civic organizations in Philadelphia and Oakland, and has served on the California Attorney General’s Commission on Hate Crimes. Now, he provides extensive mentoring and coaching for Oakland school principals through the Principal Leadership Institute of the University of California at Berkeley and Cal State. robertwblackburn@comcast.net

CRYSTALLEE CRAIN. PhD in Transformative Studies, California Institute for Integral Studies. MA, Social Sciences, Eastern Michigan University, BA, Political Science, Northern Michigan University. Dr. Crain is an educator, small business owner, and advocate for human rights. Ms Crain has over a decade of experience in leadership development, teaching, and capacity building for organizations that work to prevent violence. Crystallee owns and operates Peaceful Profits, a conscious book and merchandise company. She  founded Prevention at the Intersections, where she trains violence prevention strategists across the country. She has been responsible for the development of Heal the Streets fellowship program at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and the Violence Prevention Initiative at the College of Alameda. In 2011 she was featured in TIME magazine in the PROTESTOR Person of the Year issue. In 2013 she received advanced training in Health and Human Rights in the School of Public Health at Harvard University. In the spring of 2014 she self published the 1st edition of her first book – A People’s Primer: Exploration of Government & Social Change.Crystallee is new to the WISR faculty team. Since 2006, Crystallee has worked in higher education, promoting interdisciplinary applied research. She has taught sociology and politics at community colleges and universities in Michigan and California.  crystallee.crain@gmail.com

Steven Fletcher

STEVEN FLETCHER. PhD WISR (2012) Higher Education and Social Change with a focus on active listening and Delta Stories. MA (2007) from Excelsior College in Albany, New York with a specialty in the use of stories for healing and growth and a BA (1976) in Expressive Arts from Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California. He earned two California teaching certificates in 1976.  His background is wide and varied, touching fields as diverse as software development, music (two CD’s), literature (two anthologies of short stories, see http://peacefulpages.com/ and http://gentleplace.com), writing and production of avant-garde plays and productions. Other publications include two recent books published at Guizhou University on poetry and on second language acquisition theory and practice. He is the developer of HILL (Holistic Integrated Language Learning), a program at Guizhou University in China, sponsored by Micro Steps, as well as of the TOE educational model and the concept of Delta Stories. He is the cofounder and current president of Micro Steps, has chaired the Motherlode Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee, served on the board of Beyond Limits and the founder of Relief Services. His current focus is on healing and growth through both formal and informal educational processes using music, stories and the creativity found in us all. He resides in Guiyang, China where he is currently investigating the possibility of assisting a small number of Chinese students to study and obtain advanced degrees at WISR while residing in China. You may contact him at srfletcher@gmail.com

JENNIFER GUEDIRI. MA in International Administration and Human Services, School for International Training Graduate Institute, Vermont; BA in Social Anthropology and TESOL, Long Island University Global College, New York. Ms Guediri uses her broad international background and experience as a creative educator to incorporate art into community learning projects and cross-cultural adjustment programs. She has researched behavior, educational processes, and interpersonal communication in the US, the European Community, the Middle East, North Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. Her illustrations and writings on the identity of women in society have been showcased in airports, book stores, community and educational centers. She has developed curricula for newcomers, refugees, and for children who learn differently. Ms. Guediri works as a vocational consultant specializing in training and rehabilitation, and is the author-illustrator of the Bea and the Magic Brooch children’s book series. jguediri@gmail.com

RICHARD LAWRENCE, Faculty Emeritus. Richard graduated from Albion College in Michigan with a BA and secondary teaching certificate in English, German and social studies. He has a Master of Divinity Degree in social ethics from the University of Chicago and completed the post-graduate Program for Management Development at the Harvard Business School. He is a retired Methodist clergyman whose ministry is committed to social justice. He organized and serves as co-chair of the San Diego Affordable Housing Coalition. The Affordable Housing Coalition is an active member of ACCORD (A Community Coalition for Responsible Development). He is also currently an adjunct faculty member at the Springfield College San Diego Campus. Richard has contributed leadership to dozens of community organizations including several in San Diego: Southeastern Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), the Center on Policy Initiatives, Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, and others including Chair of Negotiations for Operation Breadbasket (PUSH) – Chicago, the Englewood Action Committee – Chicago, Cummins Engine Foundation Minority Community Development Program – Chicago, Greater Lawrence (MA) Community Foundation, the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO – NYC), the Chicago and National Black United Funds. Richard was a founder and charter member of the Association of Black Foundation Executives, and he recently was named a Civic Ventures Purpose Prize Fellow. He was active in the civil rights movement and participated in the Selma to Montgomery March as well as marches for open housing with Dr. King in Chicago. ralawrence@cox.net

DAVID YAMADA. BA, Valparaiso University, Indiana, MA, Empire State College, JD, New York University, PhD, WISR, 2010. David Yamada recently joined WISR’s core faculty on a part-time basis, after having completed his PhD here. David is also tenuredProfessor of Law at Suffolk University in Boston. He is concerned with the role of intellectual activism in contributing to social change. He is the most recent past Chair of the Board of Americans for Democratic Action. As part of his years’ of involvement in addressing the growing problem of workplace bullying, he recently founded the New Workplace Institute–a multidisciplinary, non-profit research and education center devoted to the creation of healthy, productive, and socially responsible workplaces. [from its website:] “The New Workplace Institute will serve as a vehicle for engaging in research and public education on important issues related to work and employment.” David has written numerous published articles on labor law and social policy and is a frequent presenter at professional conferences. More detailed information about David, and has academic and professional accomplishments can be found on the Suffolk University website. David has two blogs: one on workplace bullying, Minding the Workplace and one, with Chris Wagner, on “Second Thoughts: The Blog of the John Ohliger Institute for Social Inquiry.” The latter blog gets its inspiration from the late John Ohliger who “was a public intellectual, adult educator, community activist, and lifelong learner who blended an insatiable curiosity, a stubborn independence, a keen mind and good heart, and a passion for creating a better world. To many of us, he was also a friend, partner, mentor, collaborator, gadfly, and inspiration.” david_yamada@yahoo.com