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Using WISR’s Library, Access to LIRN Online Library Database, and Other Library Resources

WISR has purchased access to many of the library database features available through the Library Information and Resources Network (LIRN).  The purpose of this is to enable students and faculty to have access to online journals which can assist both student in their studies and faculty in their research and development. You can access the LIRN database and begin to use it by going to:  www.lirn.net/services and entering WISR’s ID which can be obtained from WISR President John Bilorusky (johnb@wisr.edu) or WISR’s Librarian, Cynthia Roberson (librarian@wisr.edu)  

By themailto:librarian@wisr.edu terms of our contract with LIRN, we are not permitted to share our ID# with those who are not currently enrolled students or faculty at WISR.  Students or faculty who have questions or who need advice and guidance in using LIRN and other online and brick and mortar libraries, please contact WISR’s librarian, Cynthia Roberson (librarian@wisr.edu ) for assistance.

Important reminder:  All WISR students who are California residents are expected to go to the San Francisco Public Library to get a library card and membership #–this will enable you to access their excellent online library database from anywhere (home, work, while traveling), and their database includes the outstanding EBSCO collection.

Training Session on Use of WISR’s Library, Database, and Other Resources

Latest (March 2017) information on using WISR’s library, LIRN online library database, and other library resources

For those who missed the March 25, 2017 workshop/seminar session at WISR led by WISR librarian, Cynthia Roberson, MLIS, her power point presentation as available below, as a pdf file and as a power point file.  The details presented and discussed are not conveyed here, but there is enough information that you will know the content that you missed and you can contact Cynthia Roberson, Librarian, or John Bilorusky, President for more information.  At some point the recording of the session may be available.

March 2017 Library Resource Information Session (pdf)       (ppt)


Audio Recording with Power Point Presentation of August 22, 2015 Training Session Conducted by WISR Librarian, Cynthia Roberson, MLIS

In this session, Cynthia discusses the basic features and uses of LIRN (Library and Information Resources Network), an online research database WISR recently purchased for student and faculty use.
She also covers other WISR library topics such as the progress of the cataloging of WISR’s books and recent acquisitions by WISR’s library of many books required and recommended for WISR courses, as well as access to UC Berkeley library, and access to SF Public Library. Cynthia received her Master’s in Library and Information Sciences from San Jose State University.

Training Session Powerpoint Presentation

Training Session Powerpoint Presentation as a pdf

Updates on Cataloging WISR’s Library

We are aiming to complete the cataloging of the books and journals in our library by the end of 2016, or very soon thereafter. Several people have volunteered to spend a combined total of over 20 hours per week on this effort, and we need more people to come forward to contribute (together) another 10 hours per week–for example, four more volunteers of about 3 hours per week (average) each will get us to this goal. We are looking for others–friends of WISR and students, alumni, faculty and Board members who are interested in helping with this, and also pass the word along, in case you know of people who might be willing to help WISR out and develop some library skills for themselves in the process.

In addition, we have been buying a copy of most books that are required or recommended for reading by WISR students, for courses in each degree program. These books are available for students to check out for a couple of weeks at a time, from the reserve section of our library. WISR’s library is estimated to be about 6,000 books, with several hundred periodicals, as well as some reprints, videos and audios of relevance to our students. Our collection is strongest in these areas: higher education and adult education, education and society, qualitative and action-oriented methods of research and evaluation, counseling psychology and general psychology, ethnic studies and multiculturalism, strategies of community leadership and social change, and environmental issues, as well as recent developments in the natural sciences. Smaller collections are in community development and social policy, human services, philosophy, literature, and the arts.

For those who are volunteering to help catalog WISR’s library, here is the latest detailed information on the required steps for cataloging our books.  WISR’s librarian, Cynthia Roberson, has developed these steps, tested them, evaluated them and refined them several times, and the current (and close to the last) version is this LIBRARY CATALOGING INSTRUCTIONS.
If you are interested in helping out, please contact Cynthia at librarian@wisr.edu or John Bilorusky at johnb@wisr.edu
This effort will make our valuable library collection more accessible (students will be able to search for books and journals that are in our library, online, and then will be easily able to find them on our bookshelves without having to rely on my guesses or memory).  It’s also an important requirement we need to address for accreditation.