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WISeR College for Community Leadership

“WISeR College for Community Leadership” is about to enter a pilot stage as a way to give greater emphasis to, and to develop a cohort learning group within, WISR’s BS program in Community Leadership and Justice. 

Eligible Students: It will be open to anyone who qualifies for WISR’s BS program, with enrollment currently limited to no more than 15 students. It is especially designed to meet the needs and goals of motivated and highly serious learners from lower-income communities, and for those committed to making improvements in such communities To be eligible, students must in the greater Bay Area, in order to participate in the on site, weekly seminars, or they must make arrangements to engage in substantial collaboration with other students, and to participate regularly in the seminars at WISR–by phone or video conference. We will be enrolling students who have no previous college experience, as well as some who have as much as two years, or more, of college credit.

Participation Requirements: Participating students will be required to participate in two seminars each month at WISR (2930 Shattuck Ave., Suite 300, Berkeley, CA), to collaborate with fellow learners, and very importantly, also to pursue readings, community projects, and write papers, with support and guidance from WISR faculty and other members of the cohort group. In some cases, we will enroll motivated students meeting the program admissions criteria who can make arrangements to engage in substantial collaboration with other students, and to participate regularly in the seminars–by phone or video conference.

Tuition only slightly higher than community college tuition:Those participating in the initial cohort group will benefit from a greatly reduced tuition, subsidized by WISR and WISR faculty, of only $5,100/year, that is, $425/month.  Students will benefit from this reduced tuition until they finish the BS program, up to a maximum of four years. There will be a tuition of increase of no more than $300/year each July. If they wish, students may concurrently pursue coursework at local community colleges and use that work for transfer credit to WISR. Although WISR has no access to Federal grants or loans, students will have the option of having a tuition deferment of $225/month, with 0% interest while enrolled. The deferred tuition is to be paid back once a student is no longer enrolled either in a lum sump, or at a minimum payment rate of $225/month with an interest on the unpaid balance of 5% per annum. 

In addition, there will be a limited number of institutional work-study positions available.  WISR has some needed work that can be performed by a few qualified students at a rate of 6 hours work for $100. Likely types of work include, community outreach to prospective students and organizations where prospective students might work or otherwise be involved, cataloging books for WISR’s library, or clerical and administrative assistance. Interested students will be interviewed, and selections will be made based on student skills, motivations and the student’s available time to do the needed work.  Being able to articulate one’s financial need would be a “plus” but not required.  Students will earn $100 for every six hours of work, up to a maximum of $500/year. Students may be responsible to pay State and Federal taxes on these earnings. 

For more information on WISR’s BS in Community Leadership and Justice, go to: http://www.wisr.edu/academics/sample-page-2/bs-community-leadership-and-justice/

For general information about WISR, its students, faculty, alumni, learning methods and community commitments, go to:  www.wisr.edu

Since 1975 WISR has been a multicultural academic institution of higher learning devoted to social change and community improvement.

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